Lermontov Mikhail

A Hero of Our Time A Hero of Our Time
Автор: Жанр: Dover Publications Издательство: Dover Publications Год: 2006 Страниц: 192 Дата загрузки: 15 августа 2008
   Russian literature's first major prose novel, this gripping work was a primary influence on Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky, and other great 19th-century writers. The author drew upon his personal Byronic exploits to create these picaresque adventures amid the rugged Caucasus in the company of bandits, freebooters, and beautiful women.
Герой нашего времени Герой нашего времени
Автор: Жанр: Классическая литература XVIII-XX веков Издательство: Самовар Год: 2014 Страниц: 160 Дата загрузки: 26 декабря 2016
   Для среднего школьного возраста.
A Hero of Our Time A Hero of Our Time
Автор: Жанр: Oxford University Press Издательство: Oxford University Press Год: 2013 Страниц: 240 Дата загрузки: 23 декабря 2015
   'After all that — how, you might wonder, could one not become a fatalist?' Lermontov's hero, Pechorin, is a young army officer posted to the Caucasus, where his adventures — amorous and reckless — do nothing to alleviate his boredom and cynicism. World-weary and self-destructive, Pechorin is alienated from those around him yet he is full of passion and romantic ardour, sensitive as well as arrogant. His complex, contradictory character dominates A Hero of Our Time, the first great Russian novel, in which the intricate narrative unfolds episodically, transporting the reader from the breathtaking terrain of the Caucasus to the genteel surroundings of spa resorts. Told in an engaging yet pointedly ironic style, the story expresses Lermontov's own estrangement from the stifling conventions of bourgeois society and the oppression of Russian autocracy, but it also captures a longing for freedom through acts of love and bravery. This new edition also includes Pushkin's Journey to Arzrum, in which Pushkin describes his own experiences of Russia's military campaigns in the Caucasus and which provides a fascinating counterpoint to Lermontov's novel.
Выхожу один я на дорогу: Выхожу один я на дорогу:
Автор: Жанр: Русская классическая поэзия XVIII-XX веков Издательство: Эксмо Год: 2014 Страниц: 224 Дата загрузки: 12 сентября 2019
   Перед вами книга из серии «Классика в школе», в которой собраны все произведения, изучающиеся в начальной школе, средних и старших классах. Не тратьте время на поиски литературных произведений, ведь в этих книгах есть все, что необходимо прочесть по школьной программе: и для чтения в классе, и для внеклассных заданий. Избавьте своего ребенка от длительных поисков и невыполненных уроков. В книгу включены стихотворения и поэмы М.Ю. Лермонтова, которые изучают в средней школе и старших классах.
A Hero of Our Time A Hero of Our Time
Автор: Жанр: Penguin Group Издательство: Penguin Group Страниц: 208 Дата загрузки: 16 февраля 2009
   ‘I’m still in love with her … I’d give my life for her. But she bores me’ Proud, wilful and intensely charismatic, Pechorin is bored by the stifling world that envelops him. With a predatory energy for any activity that will relieve his ennui, he embarks on a series of adventures, encountering smugglers, brigands, soldiers, lovers and rivals – and leaving a trail of broken hearts behind him. With its cynical, immoral hero, Lermontov’s novel outraged many critics when it was published in 1840. Yet it was also a literary landmark: an acutely observed psychological novel, narrated from a number of different perspectives, through which the true and complex nature of Pechorin slowly emerges. Paul Foote’s fine translation is accompanied by an introduction discussing the figure of Pechorin within the literary tradition of ‘superfluous men’, and the novel’s influence on Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky and Chekhov. The edition also includes a chronology, explanatory notes and a historical note on the Caucasus.