William Butler Yeats

Irish Fairy and Folk Tales Irish Fairy and Folk Tales
Автор: Жанр: Сказки (издания для взрослых) Издательство: Random House, Inc. Год: 2003 Страниц: 400 Дата загрузки: 14 августа 2009
   Gathered by the renowned Irish poet, playwright, and essayist William Butler Yeats, the sixty-five tales and poems in this delightful collection uniquely capture the rich heritage of the Celtic imagination. Filled with legends of village ghosts, fairies, demons, witches, priests, and saints, these stories evoke both tender pathos and lighthearted mirth and embody what Yeats describes as “the very voice of the people, the very pulse of life”. “The impact of these tales doesn’t stop with Yeats, or Joyce, or Oscar Wilde”, writes Paul Muldoon in his Foreword, “for generations of readers in Ireland and throughout the world have found them flourishing like those persistent fairy thorns”.





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