John Peacock

The Chronicle of Western Costume: From the Ancient World to the Late Twentieth Century The Chronicle of Western Costume: From the Ancient World to the Late Twentieth Century
Автор: Жанр: Общие вопросы по истории моды и костюма Издательство: Thames&Hudson Год: 2003 Страниц: 224 Дата загрузки: 08 марта 2009
   Here, in more than one thousand full-colour illustrations, is the history of Western costume, from ancient Egypt to Paris fashion. John Peacock’s meticulous drawings are organized in chronological sections and accompanied by detailed descriptions of each figure, including the individual items of costume shown and the many types of fabric, cut, pattern and colour that have been used over the centuries. An illustrated glossary gives additional information on technical terms. The Chronicle of Western Costume is the unrivalled reference work on its subject. No student or designer in the performing arts, costume and fashion enthusiast, collector or social historian will want to be without it.
Costume 1066 to the Present Costume 1066 to the Present
Автор: Жанр: Thames&Hudson Издательство: Thames&Hudson Год: 2006 Страниц: 140 Дата загрузки: 06 мая 2009
   This expanded and updated edition of John Peacock’s unrivalled collection of drawings ranges over eleven centuries of English historical costume. More than a thousand illustrations, based on surviving garments and contemporary paintings and photographs, demonstrate the astonishing changes in men’s and women’s clothing over the centuries – from the simple tunics and gowns of the eleventh century to the petticoat breeches and ostrich-plumed hats of Charles II’s reign to the T-shirts and shorts of today. Clear and detailed drawings, plus notes that pinpoint specific features such as fabric, decoration, accessories and cut, make each costume immediately comprehensible. Completely up to date, and with a new chart showing the main changes in fashion through the centuries, this is an essential reference for students of theatrical design and fashion, drama groups and anyone interested in the history of costume.